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Ok friends! You need a break! The legends at Pure Envi Kawana
Shopping World have sprinkled a little Christmas spirit into the blog and are giving away 5 $100 vouchers!! I feel like Santa!!

This is the mental picture of myself if I was Santa.

This is the mental picture of myself if I was Santa.

I went to these guys yesterday for a massage, which I never normally get and they’re amazing! They even gave me some microdermabrasion which I’ve never had before. But it took a few years off the old crows feet so for that I’m eternally grateful.

This is how we should give them away:

Over the past few months my heart has been hurting, when I read and see cyber bullying on social media. Every single person is beautiful, they have their own story and shouldn’t be victimized or taunted. When I see words like ugly b*tch, sl*t, what a w**e it makes me sad to think the words they are directed at are read by their victims and who knows how they are being digested. SOOOOOO Pure Envi made me feel special yesterday so  lets start this off A Compliment for Christmas”

Upload a selfie of yourself below on the blog.. don’t be scared! I look terrible and I’m going to do it! The task of the next person is to give the person above you a compliment about their selfie. 5 people will be chosen tomorrow morning, that will chill out with a Pure Envi $100 voucher.

I’ll demonstrate below and then it’s up to you!

Please note not to comment in the Facebook section, in the comment section only so you can upload photos.

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