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Started the 28 Day Challenge.. Nek minute..

Oh yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!

Oh yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!

Hellllllll yessssss!! Pass me the sarong and banana boat in a tube I’m going to the beach!! I Sionara 12cms from my waist… Sionara!! And when it comes to how much I’ve shed … wait for it… get out the trom bloody bones……


I know that picture kind of looks like 43kgs which would be AWESOME!! However it’s completely unhealthy to lose 43kgs in 28 days and would probably involve some kind of disorder it’s 4.3! So basically this is what I have lost off my ass..

4kgs of feathers!!

4kgs of feathers!!

4kgs of potatoes!!!

4kgs of potatoes!!!

There are so many other things that are 4kgs that I would have loved to share e.g.a large collection of pens, numerous plums, a large newborn baby, however I think you get the point. Want to know what losing 4.3kgs with the Fernwood 28 Day Breakthru challenge looks like?

feathers 2



Click this friends!


So this is the go… I’m not a gym junkie, I’ve never been a gym or health enthusiast.. but i feel so much better! It’s helped me get out of a rut, feel better about myself and has even helped me with my struggle with postnatal. It was hard at the start to get myself off the couch. I still want to lose a few more kgs, but this challenge gets the ball rolling. I wouldn’t of guessed in a million years 28 days ago that I would look forward to putting on a dress. Have a crack and we can do some classes together!

If you need a boost to the confidence, feeling down or just need a break I can’t tell you how much happier exersising makes you. (Yes I feel like those people I used to get annoyed at)

I can’t recomend being healthy enough… now it’s time to keep going :/

Here’s some of my favorite parts:

  • They have a cheap creche
  • Shampoo and conditioner provided
  • Detox booth
  • Straighteners and curlers provided
  • Free mints at reception
  • Free massage chairs
  • Free breakfast
  • Legendary staff

I can’t thank Tegan and team Fernwood Maroochydore enough! xxxx

Fernwood Maroochydore


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Jess xoxoxoxoxo



Jess Eva

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