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Fred Meets Harper For The First Time

BarRat has taken his daughter Harper into hospital to meet Fred for the first time today.

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Welcome Baby Fred

Jess gives birth to a very happy and healthy baby, Fred Hayden Hogan weighing in at 8.5 Pounds. More Details Here.

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Thumbs Up for Baby Fred, Jess & Norm in Hospital. #LabourSelfie


Baby Fred an Early Cricket Fan?

Boys will be boys! Fred shows everyone who his favorite cricket player is before he’s even born.

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It’s A Boy And Here’s The Proof!

So we find out that we having a boy, but what happens next will make us sound like bogans to medical staff forever.


A Night With The Simulation Baby

A baby simulator that won’t stop crying, a pregnant lady and a man that’s just given up smoking = One stressful household.

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Bill the Baby Simulater And My Mortal Enemy Against Sleep!

“Excuse me? Can my doll ride your goat?” at McHappy day. And a girl yelling “Get the f*ck out of my way” at Woolies!. But it was an old guy on a bus’s reaction to a crying baby that really broke me.


How to tell the boss you’re pregnant 2 months into the job?

You’ve been at the job for 60 days! The joy of being pregnant is being severely dampened with the burden of having to tell your boss. It’s like having a delicious, exciting wonderful cake… covered in cow droppings. To lift the burden it’s inevitable you have to tell him…. but if I had my time again I probably wouldn’t tell him like this.