Proud Parent or is your child a genius?

Is it proud parent syndrome or is your kid really a genius? We have the check points to see if your child is prodigy…. waiting to be nurtured!

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Is this Fred’s first word?

I’m pretty sure Fred’s said his first word but I need your help. Do you think he said hello?


The toys everyone had that’s now worth a fortune!

Have you got some of these? You could be sitting on a fortune!


Guy wears costume to feel loved.

Should another human really have to hide their physical appearance in order to feel loved?


Big Families get Social Judgement.

My friend Kelli has been abused, lectured and judged because she has 4 children and she’s not the only one. x

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When a homeless man confronts your baby

You prepare yourself to be a teacher when you have a child. But it turns out they teach you to be a better person.


Twins laughing and Looking at each other

Two twins look at each other, smile, laugh and generally just melt our hearts.


What Dad’s really think.

A father wrote a letter about things he couldn’t even talk to his wife about. The worrying part about it, us women are all guilty of doing this from time to time.