When proud moments go wrong.

I tried to video Fred sitting up to send the Grandparents. (I know it sounds lame but if you’er a mum you’ll understand this is a massive deal) But halfway though the recording you remember he can’t sit up yet :/



Do you think your child is the most amazing child walking the planet? … Probably. But when does being proud cross over to Mumzilla!!!!


The heartbreak of Miscarriage

My beautiful friend Charlie’s heartbreak of losing a child. If you’ve had a miscarriage or no someone that has. Please take a minute to read Charlies brave blog about what happened to her.


Top 10 funny kids videos!

Warning! Dangerous for ladies like me who cannot confidently laugh yet.

Blog Photos

Do people even look at your baby photos?

What if you put up a photo on Facebook. Pretending someone elses baby was your own. Would anyone even notice? The shocking result here.


QUESTION: Why do we talk like an incoherent Elmo around babies?

Here’s a video…. of me hanging with Fred… but why do we sound like Elmo from Seseme street in the middle of a big night?


The spiritual Granny undies

These are my granny undies…. and they helped me achieve inner peace.


The most amazing video you’ll see all year.

This will change your day…and make you cry. it’s had over 1 million hits on youtube and is about a mothers love for her child and the inability to give up.