I don’t feel good about myself anymore :(

Why is it that mums are good at looking after everyone else but themselves? Mums, I want you to come with me and start doing something for yourself. xx

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My sex life is officially dead

This is what Norm sent me in a text. Is our love life doomed?


The Apparently Kid

HILARIOUS! You know when a kid learns a new word.. but hasn’t mastered the context? This is that time.

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Jenny’s Glam Makeover!

Jenny is a cancer survivor and crusader for cancer research.; She also has a reunion to look fabulous at. CHECK OUT HER FULL HAIR MAKEOVER HERE!


Mum meals!

Just whipped this culinary delight up for lunch. I feel my efforts weren’t appreciated.

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Introducing… The Romance Killer!

A man from Harvard says there’s an evolutionary reason why kids cry when life’s about to get heated!


Wise Words

“If children learn with approval they learn to like themselves”. Is just one insert into this message that makes us think about our actions around the kids.


Toddler discovers he can control the crowd

Without a date the cutest thing you’ll see all week!