So, no pressure then….

The Fernwood 28 day challenge week 2.


Did we survive? … well probably because we are writing this.

Fernwoods 28 Day Breakthru challenge… the first 4 days.


My 3 year old niece has a boyfriend!

A 3 year old comes home from Kinder with a boyfriend, what do you do?


Freds 1st night in a big bed!

I was a mess.. Fred didn’t care! Which I think hurt even more. Jess xxx


Suck on this Betty Crocker

This little fella has just helped me look like a super mum. And it cost me under $5 and took less than 3 minutes!


Entered? We have announced the winners!

28 Days ….. The Fernwood Fitness challenge. Lets get it cracking ladies. The winners are inside 🙂


Winners announced tomorrow!!

Only a few hours left ladies. Let’s do this and get healthy xx


6 month old can hear for the 1st time.

Think you’re having a bad day? This little angel can hear his Mammas voice for the 1st time. xxx