I’m writing this in my jocks!!!!!!!!

I've lost this medicine ball from my assssssss! oh yeah!

I’ve lost this medicine ball from my assssssss! oh yeah!

I am writing to you at this very moment in my undies! Ideally they would be a little Victoria Secret red number that make my boobs look like juicy mangos with a fan blowing in my hair whilst sexy music is playing. But sadly no, I’m still rocking the granny bloomers but they are a matching set with the beige maternity bra so yeoooow put that in your sexy memory bank!

The point I’m trying to make is I walked around the house this morning confidently! For the 1st time in 2 years! The reason? I’ve lost 3kgs baby oh yeahhhhhhh! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s just enough to stop my stomach from wobbling every time I walk, and enough to make sure I don’t put it back on and undo all the hard work that myself and the Fernwood team have put in.

So as I sit here eating my Tropical Mango Ricotta and skim milk latte (that is in my meal plan) I’m secretly squealing on the inside because I am slowly becoming one of those annoying gym people.
Annoying gym people are the nemesis of myself 3 weeks ago. They yell motivational things at you, they look forward to weighing themselves which I never understood, and they were always annoyingly happy and upbeat. But now I’m starting to understand the reason for it. They are so passionate because for your body mind and soul it is a complete transformation! I’m not feeling so down, I am starting to like myself slowly but surely and it motivates me to care a little more about my appearance because you are working on yourself every day!

Not to mention they make you look like this, which is hysterical for all of your gym buddies!

The thing is, it’s actually pretty easy. You only have to work out 30 minutes a day and if you can’t get to the gym you can do it at home! Because the thrill you get when you weigh in and there’s kgs lost from your original weight is a pretty cool feeling. Please see below photo to see thrilled look on face:

On the scales

On the scales









So this is what the beautiful Tegan from Fernwood’s advise is for the rest of us:

What is the best quote you could give us? Excuses aren’t results

Does 30 minutes of exercise really make a difference? Most DEFINITELY!!! 30 min is all you need! As i said – efficiency over lengthy!Work hard for 30 mins and get it done!My own workouts are 30-45 most days

The beautiful Tegan from Fernwood on weigh in.

The beautiful Tegan from Fernwood on weigh in.


With 1 week to go throw me the FRAGRANT LEMONGRASS FISH & ASIAN GREENS STIR-FRY and the carrot cake smoothie. Lets try and knock off a few kgs this week girls!

If you want to have a crack at Ferwoods 28 Day Breakthru challenge go to

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