About Jess

Hi Jess here!

So you’ve clicked onto Just Jess! I’d like to think of this as a virtual wine bar (ok so that’s probably a bad analogy considering one of our main platforms is parenting haha).

However it’s the place we can go to chat, learn, laugh, relax, be stimulated or log on to have a complete mental ‘time out’ to cope with the rest of our day.

I’ve been looking for a site like this in many different moments of life. I used to play sport for Australia and was a member of the Institute of Sport. It meant I was away from my family and friends and just needed a platform to relate to, have a giggle and be reminded that there are other people in the world, just on different journeys.

Jess ProfileHave you ever felt like there is more to life than what you are doing? I have (alot) and quit the sport I had played since I was ten.  Quit the Australian side and went to radio school for 2 days and got a job in rural NSW selling advertising. Once I arrived I annoyed the boss until he gave me a job on air. WHAT A LIFE CHANGE!

But have you ever felt like something was missing even though you thought you had found the answer? That you just weren’t filling your spiritual bucket and you were half empty?

And when you go to look for this fulfilment you are labelled flighty, crazy or unstable? I don’t believe in flighty.  I believe in a refusal to give in to a life where people tell you you’re happy opposed to really feeling it.

So I packed my bags and started a radio show under a palm tree on an island in the Maldives. The boss was ecstatic that he had a radio show in his resort… until he realised no one could speak English.

So he made me a snorkel guide, with no knowledge of fish (except the ones you get with your chips in Mooloolaba).  I had to make up the names of the fish if the rich guests asked about them. (eg if it was a black and white fish I would say “Wow look at the zebra fish”, orange “wow look at the zebra fish” and so on.

I met a man there that was ridiculously good looking.  He was the surf guide and we fell in love and were soon engaged. He was a local and I thought my destiny was to live in the Maldives forever, catching fish, and snorkelling for the rest of our days.

Until I found out this was a little too movie like and instead of living happily ever after, he actually had 4 wives and I was in line to become his fifth. And all those times he said he was out fishing he was actually visiting them (and I just thought he was a bad fisherman).

So I threw his stupid ring at him, moved to Sri Lanka and lived with the locals where I started to learn the different cultures of motherhood, family and the different dynamic they play in the world. Which I can’t wait to share with you throughout the blog.

After 6 months I said goodbye to my second families and moved to India to work in an orphanage in Paliwell, a small village 80kms south of Delhi. The environment those kids grow up in is heart breaking.

I can’t wait to tell you about my little mate Siva, a disabled boy who couldn’t speak a word, would sleep on a concrete floor and wake with maggots in his eyes. The children at the orphanage were scared of him and would throw stones and sticks as they had no knowledge of “disabled” and thought it could be contagious.

The love and bond I developed, and still have to this day with Siva, is one of the richest human relationships I hold on the planet.  I am so proud of the children now, with the support the children give him they have been taught he is a human being and not a monster.

Another experience I look forward to sharing during the blog.

I will stop waffling on, but encourage you to look around the site. Contribute, like, share, talk about and most of all enjoy.

Take Care

Jess xx

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