The Just Jess Christmas Party at Chipmunks!

Chipmunks are throwing Just Jess readers a Christmas party. December 4th 3:30 – 5:30! If you would like to come along RSVP here! See you there!! xx


WIN A $100 Pure Envi Voucher now! With Compliments for Christmas!

Upload a selfie to the bottom of the blog and give the person above you a compliment on their selfie. Lets get people feeling good about themselves for Christmas and WIN!


Guest Blog: What it’s like:

I want to introduce you to my friend Niki. She has an 18 year old son, Jimmy who has special needs. The story will warm your heart. xx


The 5 sex noises we should be doing.

Kids = dead sex life and apparently these noises make it better. It’s worth a try because as women sometimes it couldn’t get any worse right?


Do men get man periods?

We have the science about something us girls have always suspected…. DO Men get Man periods?

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Started the 28 Day Challenge.. Nek minute..

Hang up the almonds.. I’ve just completed Fernwood Maroochydores 28 Day Breakthru challenge. Have a look at what happened!


I’m writing this in my jocks!!!!!!!!

Week 3 of the Fernwood 28 Day Breakthru Challenge


Post Natal Depression/PND. It doesn’t have to be a dirty secret.

Post Natal Depression, it needs to be spoken about.